Welcome to the Vision Guide

Transportation – Visioning for Communities interactive Vision Guide provides the outline of a model vision process to better enable practitioners to engage in visioning in support of transportation planning.

This interactive graphic represents a generic, multiphase, activity-oriented process for the preparation, creation, and implementation of a vision. Practitioners are encouraged to browse the typical phases and activities involved in developing a vision and to further explore significant components and decisions involved in any visioning process.

How to Navigate the Vision Guide

Additional information is available within the Guide, click the ">" icon to access detailed descriptions, tools, and resource links.

Visioning Phases help organize any process. Click on the Preparing, Creating, or Implementing headers to view additional information.

Visioning Activity Areas help identify the critical questions within each phrase. Click on the Activity buttons for more information.

Vision Activities provide strategic guidance on the key strategies, responsibilities, and achievements of any process. Expand each Activity Area for greater detail.

Visioning Components highlight important activity areas to consider when focusing on a particular component of visioning. Select one of four Component filters for relevant information.

Visioning Tools and Resources are available within each activity and component area. Navigate within each Activity Area for additional detail and links.

More information on the evolution of this guide and accompanying research is available in the Technical Resources section of this site.