Linking Community Visioning and Transportation Investments

Findings from the SHRP2 C08 2010 Technical Report

1.0  Introduction

2.0  The Visioning Process

3.0  Transportation Agency Involvement in Visioning

4.0  Vision Guide

5.0  Considering Communities

6.0  Reaching Stakeholders

7.0  Forming Partnerships

8.0  Tracking Commitments

9.0  Conclusion – Visioning in Support of the Collaborative Decision-Making Framework

10.0  Appendices

Educational Training Materials

A series of three training videos were developed to support practitioners by providing an overview of this research project, by offering a guide to navigating this web site, and by illustrating an example visioning process utilizing the Vision Guide.

The links below provide access to educational videos narrated by the project team. For technical questions, to report problems, or to request more information, please send us an e-mail at

Module 1: Introduction to SHRP2 Capacity Research

Module 2: Navigating the T-VIZ web site

Module 3: “OurTown”: A Hypothetical Vision Scenario