Decision Points

Within any visioning process certain transitions are arrived at which represent a milestone or critical juncture. These decision points may mark the end of a phase or the completion of a key activity, but commonly represent important opportunities to reach consensus on a vision product or outcome with partners and stakeholders. Decision points also provide important linkages to other processes, plans, or procedures. See the Visioning and Transportation section of this site for detailed descriptions of the importance, purpose, and linkages of these decision points.

Approve Scope: Effectively planning visioning activities and managing the expectations of stakeholders and partners is critical to a successful process. A scope of work should establish a detailed, phased approach that allows for reassessments at critical junctures in the process. While a scope may be approved by the leadership of a sponsoring organization, it should also be clearly communicated to a broader audience to help set expectations for the vision.

Approve Goals

Adopt Future(s)

Approve Indicators and Commitments

Adopt Update Process