Strategic Highway Research Program 2

Linking Community Visioning and Transportation Investments

The basis for this work is the Vision Guide, an interactive, visual depiction of the phases and activities of any visioning process.

Transportation – Visioning for Communities (T-VIZ) is intended to advance the practice of visioning in support of transportation decision-making.

The web site and accompanying Technical Report have been developed in support of Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2) research on collaborative decision-making to integrate environmental, economic, and community considerations into the analysis, planning, and design of new transportation investments.

Visioning processes are significant sources of information for transportation planning processes, which must now range well beyond topics of connectivity and design to consider community context and a host of interrelated issues. Visions may help illuminate how transportation decisions interact with community livability or how infrastructure investments intersect with desired economic, environmental, and community resources.

The information available within this site is intended to assist transportation agency practitioners in assessing the possibilities of visioning, in identifying practical steps when engaging in visioning, and in establishing links between vision outcomes and transportation planning and project development processes.

Welcome to the site. To explore the Vision Guide please click the image, or for more information, navigate the tabs above. To view educational videos which provide more information about this project, an overview of the navigation of this web site, and present a hypothetical visioning process which applies this research, please click here.